April 2015, Special report

Effective Immediately
Ely Will No Longer Allow Drones Within City Limits
The ordinance was passed in the face of mounting concerns about privacy, secret fishing spots, and general neighborliness.

This summer, Ely residents and arriving tourists will be issued drone-spotting information cards to help identify unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). In addition, drone-spotter binoculars will be available for a small fee to anyone who wants to join the official Ely Drone Hunters Brigade. The Hunters’ motto, “If you see something, say something,” encourages reporting drones invading Ely’s airspace.
Visitors will also spot “The City of Ely bans drones on these premises” signs, displayed in stores and businesses around town. The communication will help assure folks they can take their post-sauna skinny dip in peace, knowing the only “eyes in the skies” belong to someone with feathers.