September News From White Iron Beach

The great weather and a full resort continued through the first three weeks of August. As with most years the early school starts and fall sports curtailed many family vacations. We did have some very unusual weather toward the end of the month.  We went from 95 degrees on one Saturday to a high of only 49 three days later. Also some days of really strong south winds. You know what everyone says about the weather up here, just wait an hour or two and it will change completely.
We are going to start some renovations this fall. For sure getting new metal roofs on most cabins by next spring. Also looking at finishing what we started on #6. The wind the other day almost pushed that project up to an emergency as we had as tree fall on the roof of #6. Luckily it fell just right so it only damaged the end soffitt and was repaired quickly. Projects for cabins 3,6, 12, 13 and 14 are all in the works.
We had some really great weather last September and are hoping for a repeat performance this year. The Fall has always been my favorite time of year both here and when we were back in Illinois.
 The Harvest Moon Fest is the weekend after Labor Day weekend and  Ely’s newest big event, The Ely Marathon,  is happening September 25 and 26. Here’s the link  .
Good luck to all of our young guests/friends in their school and sports endeavors this school year. Taylor left on August 19th for Winona State to finish off his 4 year degree in elementary ed. Me miss you already and good luck Tay Dog.
  We still have some great vacation opportunities available. It’s never too late to make those last minute plans to visit us and the Ely area. Make sure to call soon to guarantee the cabin and week/weeks or days you prefer. Please check the web site for all the current up to date info and specials.  We are already getting many inquires for the 2016 season. If you did not re book before you left this summer please call or write soon to lock in your favorite cabin or cabins. 
 Take care.
 Kerry and Sandy


Fishing Reports

More or less as expected the walleye fishing continued to be a bit sluggish in August as the temps stayed pretty high. We have seen a few more caught in the last few days but still off from what some cooler weather will bring. I have seen some monster bass and heard reports of some very nice northern being caught and released. Hopefully some cooler temps and fall rain will really turn the walleyes on. We go into Basswood for our annual camp trip on the 22nd of September. I am looking forward to posting some nice pictures from that trip next month.


Area Events