December 2014

Things have slowed for us as the winter weather moved in a bit early like last year with several nights of below zero temps but, not as much snow as last year. We will continue our projects but only with the permission of mother nature.

Your vacation and family time is very precious and we want to thank you for spending that tine with us in Ely and will continue to do everything we can to meet your needs. Every year can not be an Ely year so, if you did not make it this past season we will be very happy to welcome you back in 2015. White Iron Beach exists only because of all of you and we greatly appreciate your past and continued business.

The market has really changed for the resort business since we moved to Ely in 1995. Saturday to Saturday full week stays are becoming less frequent.  Shorter three to five day stays and for some multiple trips up to Ely seem to be happening more and more. People seem to be busier, kids and adults alike and we completely understand it makes planning your vacation up north by February/March difficult. These changes provide us with an opportunity to meet your needs and we will continue to do everything we can to accommodate and meet your requests. Contact us sooner rather than later to make sure you you are able to lock in your favorite cabin at that special time of year.

Our snail mail holiday letter will be out within the next week so keep a look out. Those of you with a secured reservation should get a slip confirming your stay with us with your letter. If you do not please call right away as we have made a mistake or two over the years, mostly mine not Sandy’s. A mid month edition of White Iron Beach news containing our holiday letter is scheduled for those of you not on our snail mail list. We will post it on Facebook and drop it on the website as well.

We hope everyone will  enjoy a safe and happy holiday season.

Kerry and Sandy

  We are now taking reservations for the 2015 season.  Book before 12/31/14 and lock in the 2014 rate. Make sure to call soon to guarantee the cabin and week/weeks or days you prefer. Please check the web site for all the current up to date info and specials.  

 Take care.

 Kerry and Sandy

Fishing Reports

We are in the in between zone of soft water and hard water fishing. Even though I have heard of a few folks venturing out on the smaller bodies of water or protected bays of the larger lakes. It is not unusual to have this early ice which can produce some very nice walleyes and crappies. I’m sure we will have a few pictures to share with you next month. Hopefully the snow will not slush up the ice like last year which drastically curtailed the use of 4 wheelers and trucks on most lakes. Even snowmobiles had a hard time not getting stuck for most of the winter. Watch the fishing report on the web site for up to date ice conditions and recent catches.

The limited Permit lottery will be open for applications on December 16th, 2014 through close of business January 13th, 2015. The lottery will actually be run on January 15th and results will be released by January 21.  

The lottery includes only the following entry points (letters D, F, and G are day use motor entry points):

  • D Fall Lake and Beyond;
  • 24 Fall Lake (both overnight motor and paddle);
  • 25 Moose Lake (both overnight motor and paddle);
  • F Moose, Newfound, and Sucker;
  • G Basswood over Prairie Portage

The Go-Live Date for all entry points will be January 28, 2015.


 Reservations for all BWCAW entry points can be made on a first-come, first-served basis starting 1/28/15. Reservations can be made online or by calling 1-877-444-6777.


 If you have questions or need help in submitting a lottery or permit request please give me a call. If you want to pick up your permit at WIBR just choose us as your option as permit cooperator/issuing station.  Remember, it is always better to reserve a permit if you think you want to go on a motorized BWCAW trip. If you change your mind it only costs you $6.00. But also remember to be courteous to others who may want to use the BWCAW and cancel unwanted permits in a timely manner so they can be reissued to another party.

 Remember, we do have guides available for White Iron and trips to other lakes. I have been posting pictures in the fishing report on the web site , so check it often.

Area Events

Click here for the Ely Chamber events calendar.    and