August 2019

2019 August news from White Iron Beach Resort
Fishing, families, beach and fun in Ely, Minnesota!
Ralphie- 10 months old
Hello Kerry,
Did July fly by with the blink of an eye or what?!? There has been a tremendous amount of activity around town and at the resort this past month. Once again the Forth of July Celebration was spectacular and the Blueberry Arts Fest didn’t disappoint!
Overall the weather in July has been great and guests have been enjoying some really nice days in the warm sun. All that equals fun times on the beach, water and anything outdoors for that matter. We have been seeing some pretty interesting (new to us) outdoor games again this summer. Where they come up with these we will never know but there is no lack of creativity. It’s not only great to see guests outside playing these games but it also means the grass is stomped down and there is less to mow!
We are getting calls everyday for a few days this fall. Don’t forget The Harvest Moon Fest is the weekend after Labor Day weekend and the fourth annual Ely Marathon is happening September 20-21. Here’s the link . It was a great race last year and is expected to be bigger and better this year!
The weather forecasts are great so come on up and enjoy the beach and everything the area has to offer. We still have some great vacation opportunities available. It’s never too late to make those last minute plans to visit us and the Ely area.  Make sure to call soon to guarantee the cabin and week/weeks or days you prefer. Please check the web site for all the current up to date info and specials.
Your friends up north,
Kerry and Sandy
2020 is Filling Up Fast!
If you did not re-book before you left this summer please call or write soon to lock in your favorite cabin or cabins. Plenty of opens for this Fall. We are open to 10/15/19. Please check our website for all the current up to date info and specials.

Fishing Reports

This months fishing report brought to you by: Arrowhead Outdoors
(formly Skube’s Bait and Tackle)
**Fishing Report***
Walleye – Walleye’s have begun to pull out of the shallow water and start chasing cisco or smelt in/over deeper water. Anglers have landed some very big walleye’s this last week pulling tail dancer, reef runner or shad rap bodies, with three colors of leadcore out or 150 feet of line out behind planer boards, over 20 to 50 feet of water. Best colors for crankbaits have been bloody nose, white and uv colored crankbaits. Mid-lake humps and rocky points are also worth noting, with the key depth being 16 feet of water around both structures. Anglers are catching walleyes here slowly trolling lindy rigs with either a crawler or leech around the hump or rocky point. Anglers have reported catching nice walleyes right on top of humps as shallow as 6 feet of water, during the evening and into the night. Here slip bobbering a big leech right on top has resulted in some very impressive numbers and size walleyes being caught.
Panfish – The crappie and sunfish bite has been excellent! Both are being located in shallow cabbage weedbeds, but time of day has been key to what your going to catch. During the day Sunfish have been very aggressive and easy to find. Anglers have been catching them with wax worms, piece of night crawler or with a small jig and twister for the bigger sunfish in 5-8 feet of water. Crappies are being located in the same areas, but during the last couple of hours of the day has been the best time to catch them. Crappies have been very aggressive and eagerly hitting small jig and twisters. White and yellow colored twisters have been hard to beat when the crappies move up to feed.
Stream Trout – Stream Trout fishing has remained constantly good this last week. Rainbow trout are being caught over deep water in 15-25 feet down. Anglers have been using crawler harnesses lindy rigs tipped with half a crawler. Anglers have been using 3/8 to 3/8oz rubber core sinkers to get the lindy rigs down to the trout. Anglers targeting brook trout have been fishing close to timber. Anglers are casting small flashy spoons, small jig and twisters or trolling small crankbaits as close to the timber as they can to catch brook trout.
Bass – Largemouth bass fishing has been excellent as they are very easy to locate this time of the year. Largemouth bass are weed loving fish, so simple keep a eye out for thick weedbeds and or lily pads to find them. Anglers texas rigging worms in the weedbeds have found very consistent action all day. For anglers looking for heart stopping action should focus on fishing in the thickest lily pad patches they can find. Weedless frogs slowly dragged over the lily pads will get the attention some big largemouth. Smallmouth Bass are being located on shallow rocky points and mouths of shallow bays. Anglers continue to catch bass on the surface early in the morning on topwater, then switching to jerkbaits and senko rigs as the sun gets up.
Lake Trout – Lake trout fishing fishing also has been excellent this last week. Anglers trolling flutter spoons with down riggers set at 40 feet, have been catching multiple trout a day. Anglers who don’t have a down riggers setup have been using three to four colors of leadcore to get down to the trout. Stickbaits in white, bloody nose and clown has been the top colors for leadcore anglers.
Northern Pike – Pike fishing has been good for pike 30” and under. These pike are hitting flashy spoons, spinnerbaits and even buzz baits fished in and around weedbeds, in 6-12 feet of water, during the day. Anglers are finding a few big northerns out on top of large reefs while walleye fishing. These big northerns are out there looking for large bait fish, so anglers looking to target them should be throwing large husky jerks or swim baits to catch these fish.

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