September 2019

2019 September news from White Iron Beach Resort
Fishing, families, beach and fun in Ely, Minnesota!
Dock with a view…Fall Lake, September 1-2. Photo Courtesy of Chris Ellerbroek
Hello Kerry,
The great weather and a full resort continued through the first few weeks of August. As with most years the early school starts and fall sports curtailed many family vacations. Some of the unusual weather this summer had also continued through the month. There were a few days of really strong south winds and some heavy rains but, you know what everyone says about the weather up here just wait an hour or two and it will change completely.
We had some really great weather last September and are hoping for a repeat performance this year. The Fall has always been my favorite time of year both here and when we were back in Illinois. The change in colors are so beautiful and only wish they stayed a little longer.
A couple of big events are going to take place in the month of Septemeber. The Harvest Moon Fest is the weekend after Labor Day and  Ely’s Annual Marathon, is happening. Here’s the link
Good luck to all of our young guests/friends in their school and sports endeavors this school year. Bella, Mason and Jace start school this week and can’t beleive Jace will be starting second grade this year. How time flies! Have a great 2019/2020 school year and we look forward to your next trip up to the north woods!
Kerry will be at the Wisconsin Game Fest in Chippewa Fall Wiconsin this weekend September 7th and 8th. It our first time at this show and would love to see you there.
Here is a like to the show info. Advance tickets on line are at a discount!
It’s never too late to make those last minute plans to visit us and the Ely area.  Make sure to call soon to guarantee the cabin and week/weeks or days you prefer. Please check the web site for all the current up to date info and specials.
Your friends up north,
Kerry and Sandy
2020 is Filling Up Fast!
If you did not re-book before you left this summer please call or write soon to lock in your favorite cabin or cabins. Plenty of opens for this Fall. We are open to 10/15/19. Please check our website for all the current up to date info and specials.

Fishing Reports

This months fishing report brought to you by: Arrowhead Outdoors
(formly Skube’s Bait and Tackle)
**Fishing Report***
Walleye – This last week proved to be very challenging for all anglers, as extremely high winds blew hard for days and kept many off the water. Water temps dropped quickly from the low 70’s to low 60’s. Interestingly this has triggered a full on big minnow bite on some lakes in the area while others seemed less effected and leeches are still raining supreme. Anglers have been having great luck with big minnows, catching walleyes out on main lake humps in 15-20 feet of water. Many of these anglers have been reporting that they are marking fish as deep as 25, but not catching those fish. Out here anglers have been working jigs and lindy rigs, up and down the edges of the humps, until the connect with walleyes. Anglers catching walleyes with leeches and crawlers are reporting that they are fishing shallow in 6-12 feet of water off weedlines or main lake points. Here spinner rigs or jigs have been very effective. Gold, blue and white were the hot colors this last week.
Smallmouth – Smallmouth Bass have begun to put on the feed bag. Anglers have been catching some real pigs out on top of sunken islands with sucker minnows. Anglers have reported seeing them spit out ciscos as they were bringing them up. Anglers are also catching lots of bass near shore in 10 feet of water or less, with tube, senko rigs and crawfish looking crankbaits.
Pike – Pike fishing has been getting better and better as water temps drop to a temperatures big pike like and return to shallow water. Anglers have been catching big pike on large spinners, spoons, and suicks. Large suckers fished under a bobber is also very effective, but supplies of big suckers has been limited, so finding them maybe more challenging then finding a big pike to hit one. Anglers should focus on weedbeds and large rocky main lake points for big gators.
Stream Trout – Stream trout fishing has been getting better and better as water temps fall and trout move shallow back in reach of most anglers. Small spinners, jig and twisters, small spoons and a simple worm fished under a bobber has been very effective on trout this last week. Early morning hours and during the evening has been the best time to fish for trout.
Panfish – Panfish fishing has slowed this last week as water temps dropped quickly. Fishing under a bobber was the most effective way to catch panfish as they were largely unwilling to chase down fast moving baits. Crappie minnows, small crawlers or wax worms fished under a bobber were very effective this last week. Panfish are still largely being located in weedbeds, but more and more anglers are reporting that crappies are beginning to pull out of the weedbeds and relate more to deeper water.

Area Events

Boundary Waters Dance…Fall Lake, Ely, MN 9/1/19. Photo Courtesy of Chris Ellerbroek